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I’m getting really lazy on this whole blogging thing.  Life has just been crazy lately!  Super Summer was awesome.  It was a great time to be refreshed, to reconnect with friends, and make new friends.  It’s always scary when you get a bunch of youth ministers together!  I learned a lot, and really enjoyed hearing from Dr. Alvin Reid!  Remarkable speaker and author.  A true man of God.

The weekend of the 13th and the 20th were full of weddings!  I was an usher in weddings on both weekends!  They were both awesome weddings!

Laura and I each had our dads and families to our house for Father’s Day!  Laura’s fam for lunch and mine for dinner.  We had a great time! 

The next week we had VBS at Pleasant Home.  It was a great week.  I taught the Youth Class this year for 7-10th graders.  We had over 25 youth that participated during the week!  We ended the week with a big slip n’ slide party at our house!  We had 20 youth that came.  It was a lot of fun!

This past week Laura and I went with another youth ministry on a mission trip to Charleston, MO.  The church we went with is Ozark Baptist from Houston, MO.  I went on the trip last year and brought Laura with me this year!  It was an awesome week!  Definitely a different kind of mission trip!  We brought some of the kids from Charleston out to the camp with us that we were staying at and they got to hang out with us for the week.  We got to pour into them and show them Christ.  We had two of them that gave their lives to Christ!  Awesome!  God is good!!!

We got home about 5:00 pm on the 4th and then went over to some friends house for a HUGE 4th of July party.  I had never seen so many fireworks at one persons house!  It was cool! 

Sunday It was awesome to be back at Pleasant Home and worship our Lord!  We ate a late lunch/early dinner with Laura’s Family at Outback and then went to church last night, we then got to hang out with friends and shot off some leftover fireworks!  Good times! 

Later today we are going to pickup our new puppy!  I’ll try to post some pictures soon!  She is definitely cute!  We haven’t come up with a name yet! 

Next week Pleasant Home is headed up on a mission trip to Cameron, MO.  I’m excited about the trip.  I think we have about 15 church members who are going!  Well I think that wraps



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I have no excuse!  I’ve been a blogging slacker the last few weeks.  I apologize to the many many faithful readers I have!  (insert laugh here). 

Laura has been gone for the past week, She went with her parents to visit her Grandpa and Aunt and Uncle and Cousins in Denver.  I think she had a really good time but I sure did miss her! 

Today I leave for Super Summer.  I’m excited.  I’ve always enjoyed camp!  Especially Super Summer.  Throughout my journey with Christ some of the times that I have felt the closest to him are here and some of the times I’ve realized how far away I am from him are here.  I’m excited that I now get to take my students to this camp.  This year I’m just taking one student.  I pray that we’ll have a good week and will draw closer to Christ.  I’m excited to connect with other youth ministers as well!  I hope you all have a great week and I’ll try to do better on my blogging!

Second Chances…

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I’m thankful that I serve a God of second chances.  Last night we talked about this in our youth ministry.  We talked about David, a man after God’s own heart.  He loved God, but he screwed up.  So often I feel like David, I truly love God and want to follow his will, but all to often I screw up.  I’m so thankful that God gives me another chance, and often times another, and another.  I pray that my shortcomings will be fewer and fewer, and that God will shine through more and more.

Electricity or the lack of…

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Friday Morning we had a HUGE storm that came through southwest Missouri.  It brought with it some of the strongest wins that I had ever seen.  It brought down some pretty big trees, lots of shingles, and several roofs.  Just a few miles North of our house in Fair Grove, they got hit pretty hard.  The high school is pretty much ruined and several of the other schools lost roofs.  We faired pretty well.  The old school house next to our house lost some shingles.  We lost one of the well house windows, some siding on the house. and have two huge piles of limbs in our yard that we picked up.  We were lucky compared to many.  One family in our church lost most of their house. 

I did learn that not having power is no fun!  We lost power for about 51 hours.  From Friday Morning between 8:00-8:30 and got it back about 11:00 Sunday Morning!   The not having power wasn’t a huge deal, but the fact the well didn’t have water was a bigger deal.  Not having water is no fun at all!  So it is nice to be back in civilization!  Luckily we have awesome neighbors who have a different power company, and kept power!  They allowed us to come over and take showers!  Woo Hoo!

I’m glad that God kept us safe during the storm and continue to pray for those who were effected more than us!

Catch Up!

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Last week was crazy!  I ended up laying in bed most of the week.  I came down with a sinus infection that kicked me in the butt!  I didn’t get out of bed from Wednesday morning to Friday Morning.   It couldn’t of happened at a worse time!

My little sister got married on Saturday.  I was supposed to perform the wedding!  With still not feeling well at all on Friday I decided not to perform the wedding.  Luckily a great family friend stepped up to the plate and did a great job!  Thanks John!  Luckily by Saturday I was feeling about 80% and had a great day at the wedding.  It was a really pretty wedding held at Walnut Springs Farm.  It was a pretty cool place!  Got to see lots of family and friends!  So now this week I’m trying to catch up on sleep and on stuff from last week!  Hope you all have a great week!

Carrie Prejean, Miss California

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Wow…talk about stirring up controversy!  Carrie Prejean did just that the other day and people haven’t stopped talking about it since!  Carrie Prejean is Miss California, and represented California in the Miss USA Pageant.  I must say I didn’t watch the pageant, but have been following what has happened since then.  If you haven’t heard the whole story you can check it out here.  Ultimately, Prejean stood up for what she believed in, and many are saying because she did that, that she lost the crown.  I applaud Miss California for taking a stand, even on a national stage.  It would of been easy to do what many suggested she should have done; give a relatively vague answer.  Thanks Carrie Prejean for standing strong.    Keep up the good work!

April 20th, 1999

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10 Years ago today was the Columbine High School Shooting.  I was a Freshman at Nixa High School.  I can remember hearing about the shooting and just being shocked.  I remember being glued to the TV, watching the news and just watching in unbelief of what was going on.  Being someone who soaks up information I remember reading a lot of stuff that came out about it, I read the book that was written about Cassie Bernal, also one written about Rachel Scott.  They both were Christians who were shot that day.  Each one of their stories is remarkable, and many have come to Christ because of their story.

I remember that day made me realize how short life truly is.  We never know when our life can end, but at the same time how imprtant it is to have an impact on those around us. 

I know that what happened at Columbine High School effected those all around the country.  I remember talking to a lady who started an organization called California Cares for Columbine.  She worked to fund raise so they could rebuild the cafeteria and library at Columbine.  I can’t believe that it has been 10 years, I pray for those who were immediately involved as they continue to heal from those things that happened. 

I was watching the Today Show earlier this morning and they talked to some of those who were injured during the shooting, or who lost a family member in the shooting.  It was awesome to hear how they have recovered and how they are using their story to help others!