A Happy Ending…

I often hear and say myself, “God must have a sense of humor”, All to often I try to do things on my own, I can just see God “chuckling” and saying, “I got this Joel, don’t worry about it!”  I find this to be true since my last post….which was over 6 months ago.  After rereading my last post I was talking about how Laura and I were in the middle of a housing search.  The house that we really liked had been taken off the market, we kept looking at houses and we weren’t finding anything that we liked, and if we found one we liked the doors kept closing on it.  We found out the $8,000 tax credit was extended until the end of April, so that gave us more time.  We were still looking in the middle of February and were about to put an offer on a house in Strafford, when our realtor calls and tells us the house that we put the offer on back in October is back on the market!  We couldn’t believe it, so we acted quickly and were under contract in less than 48 hours!  then we closed less than a month later.  Even if we didn’t get this house I know that God had out best interest in store, For some reason, I’m always surprised to see how God comes through.  you would think I would have learned by now. 

Also, we shall remember today those who have fought for our freedom.  Thank you to all those who have given because freedom is not free.


~ by Joel on 1 J0000005UTC 2010.

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