House Hunters…

So Laura and I have been house hunters for the past few weeks.  We thought we grabbed one but then it got away…or I guess decided it didn’t want to be hunted anymore :(. 

Laura and I went with our realtor, John, to look at houses this past Saturday.  We looked at 8 different houses in Springfield.  Laura and I each came away with liking a different house, but didn’t have that “ah ha” moment with either one of them.  We then went to look at the one house in Strafford (This is where we would really like to live, we like the small town, it’s where Laura teaches, and it’s still less than 10 minutes to the church).  We went and looked at the house and we both fell in love with it….we were excited, and better yet it was in our price range!  We walked through and went outside and talked to our realtor, he thought it was a good buy for the money so we decided we’d have our parents come and look at it.  So they came up and we looked at it again.  They all liked it so we met with John on Sunday Night and made a really strong offer.  We were really excited and thought we had it!  We gave him until Tuesday at 5:00.  Tuesday about noon we got word that things weren’t going well…and to make a long story short the home owner decided not to sell his house!  Laura and I were pretty upset about the situation.  It seemed like the perfect house for us!   Apparently God has other plans for us…and today I think I’m good with that…Although we don’t always understand God’s plans! 

So now we’re back to square one on the housing search.  We’ve found a few more that I think we’re going to look at though…on with the house hunting!


~ by Joel on 1 J00000010UTC 2010.

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